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German language is among the most learned foreign languages in the world. Just like so many others out there, you would also want to learn to speak German. This is not a big ask and you can easily learn this. There are simple things which you should do in order to learn quickly. Here are some of the best tips which will really help you.


  • Try to find what interests you. If you are a fan of cinema, then you should find some good German language movies and should watch them while learning the German. It will help you a lot. Similarly, if you are  fan of literature, try to find the German literature magazines and novels and start reading them. Always keep a German language dictionary with you while doing any of the above mentioned things. The dictionary will not only help you find the words quickly, but it will also encourage you to learn new words. You will build great vocabulary with time and this will help you to learn quickly.
  • Once you have found what interests you and you have started doing that thing, try to do most of the things in German. This may sound strange to you but believe me, this is one of the best methods to learn the language quickly. If you are sending an email to your friend, try to write it in German. Do not forget to give him the translation in the end or on the top as well. Similarly, if you are going to order a meal, try to think of it in German before ordering it. This will get natural with time and your mind will be trained to it. It will speed up the learning process by sending the positive signals to the mind.
  • Try to make some German friends. Even if you do not have German people around you, use the internet. Go to the communities and talk to the Germans. If you can make a few friends, you will see that the things will start happening for you. You can speed up the process by start talking to them in German language. They will encourage you and will help you to learn the language quickly. Also, the atmosphere helps a lot. You will be able to learn better when you are talking to the people in that particular language.
  • Try to find a good German language course which focuses on speaking and not on the other skills. This will help you to stay focused on the primary thing which is speaking. With this course, you would also get interactive materials. These things will help you to improve your learning and you will have a systematic learning process. This will help you to learn to speak German.


The above mentioned tips are great to help you learn quickly but these are not the only things which you will ever need. You will have to do more. You will have to either find a German language tutor or you will have to attend classes for learning to speak German.



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Learn to speak German quickly

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This article was published on 2010/10/08